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The Wyszków Community Centre (Wyszkowski Ośrodek Kultury “Hutnik” in Polish, acronym WOK) has been functioning since 1973. It was built by the local glasswork (Huta Szkła in Polish), that’s why it’s called “Hutnik”. The Centre has its site on Prosta Street in Wyszków.

In the building of the centre there are:
  • The concert hall for 260 seats (with the scene measuring 9x9 m, the dressing room, the backstage and the hotel annexe with kitchen and bathroom).
  • The sound/light room
  • The small cinema
  • The room for 55 persons
  • The lecture hall for 30 persons
  • The spacious hall-gallery where where art galleries are presented
  • The art studio of sculpture and and stained glass
  • The Internet café with 6 computers
  • The musical archives
  • The office and administrative rooms
  • The graphic and xero studio where projects are made, posters, tickets and commercial stuff are printed.

The concert hall is equipped with high quality music and light equipment and interesting sound and music effects can be made.


The Cummunity Centre “Hutnik” is a publisher of Information and Promotional Weekly “Wyszkowiak”, one of the oldest title in the County published since 6 March 1992.Several thousands of copies are published every week. This figure changes according to the needs. We are constantly trying to adapt to our reader’s needs and needs of people want their commercial to be published.

The Cinema of Good Films. The shows presenting good films are organized in the small movies. Films are performed in the small movies. Films are performed from Friday to Sunday at. 7 p.m and films for children on Sunday at 11 a.m. we are trying to show films after their premiers, films which haven’t been released on DVDs yet. The repertoire can be seen on our website in “Invitation” and in local press.


Our offer is directed for different persons and groups from the youngest to the oldest. We try to be friendly to our residents, to fulfill their cultural expectations. We want our offer to be as various as possible on high artistic level. We are aware that for many people we are the place where they can systematically develop their skills. Others seek for artistic, musical, drama, aesthetic experiences or just good entertainment. For another our Centre is a place where they can meet interesting people and spend their free time.

Every reason for visiting the Centre is important for us. We want to be seen as an institution open not only for people but also for their needs. We want our audience to influence on our cultural offer. We think that rooms full of people are more important but more important is looking at their happy faces after a cultural event. The success is not only about high turnout but also about our our audience’s feelings.

We organize cultural events not only easy and popular but also for enthusiast. The Cummunity Centre should promote less popular type of music and art. There is also educational activity for children and youth in WOK “Hutnik”. We organize film meetings, drama shows and different theme lectures.

Our motto is hidden in Władysław Bartoszewski’s words: Not everything which is worth doing is profitable, but I definitely believe that -not everything which is worth doing is worth living”. It’s true especially in culture, education, help where human development is the most important thing not economical aspect.

We invite You to “Hutnik”. Do not take our word it. Just visit us.

The employees and director of WOK “Hutnik”.

Main forms of cultural activity in “Hutnik”

Wyszkowski Ośrodek Kultury "HUTNIK"

ul. Prosta 7, 07-200 Wyszków

tel. +48 29 742-44-48


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