Main forms of cultural activity in “Hutnik”


The Revue “Sylaba” was founded in Wyszków in 1984 by Irena and Zbigniew Zdunek - the artistic marriages of the Revue - till November 2007. The Revue is currently managed by Irena Zdunek. “Sylaba” performed about 2.500 times in Poland and abroad mainly in: Germany, Russia, The Chech Republic, Lativia, Ukraine and Bielarus. The Revue was also broadcasted on TV and radio.
Every beginning of a year, a new premiere show is performed by Revue, wchich is also the opening of new artistic season.

The eurhythmics classes for children over 6. Children express music by movement. Music is the most universal and the closest way of expressing themselves for young children. Classes are run by Nina Wilczyńska (the previous member of “Sylaba”).

The Song Club - vocal classes, where the main ingredient is teaching how to sing solo. They are run by Anna Ropelewska. Children and youth participate in classes. Every spring after long preparations, the song club presents concerts for people in Wyszków.

The Dance classes. There are following dance sections in “Hutnik”:
  • Eurhythmics classes for young children “Bąble”, children aged 4-6
  • Eurhythmics classes with elements of ballroom dance “Misiaki”, children aged 6-8
  • Ballroom dance for children “Krosik densik”, children aged 8-11
  • Ballroom dance for youth - children aged 11-16
  • Younger section of modern dance with jazz and hip hop elements, children aged 7-11
  • Older section of modern dance with jazz and hip hop elements, children aged 13-15
There are also periodic courses in samba, salsa, rock&roll, waltz and disco dances. The classes are run by the following instructors: Jolanta Wiśniewska, Martyna Busławska, Artur Bajl and Łukasz Prochacki.

The specific form of dance classes is the Wheelchair Dance Sport Club ”Integracja” for both bodily abled and disabled youth. In the club there are: the Section for young children and the Section for youth over 12. The Club - similarly to “Sylaba” - has got a lot of achievements. The members of the club regularly take part in many contests in Poland and abroad winnining championships of Poland, Europe and the world. The Club is run by Jolanta Wiśniewska.

The Youth Drama, is run by actor Wojciech Kobiałko. The aim of classes is developing aesthetic sensuality through improving actor workshop. Children and youth aged 11-18 attend drama classes. Kindergarten and primary school children participate in drama classes run by an actor in the local vocational school (according to the agreement between WOK “Hutnik” and the school). There were 2 drama groups in previous years (from the youngest to adults). Each group had its own stage premiere and youth adult group won prizes during the 4th Mazowiecki Festiwal of Amateur Drama in 2004 in Ciechanów and the 1st prize in semi-finals in the Mazowiecki Festiwal of Drama in Ostrołęka in May 2008.

The Collapsed Scene - the drama group started in July 2007 an initiative of 3 teenage amateur actors. The group had training meetings twice a week during last holidays. 15 persons attended in those meetings. The group has been meeting once a week since September 2007. 10 persons are finally involved in the drama. The actors prepared a show, whose script (written by Agnieszka Sieńkowska), was based on Kornel Makuszyński’s story “Nine Lovers of bachelor Dorn”. The premiere was in April 2008.

The Laboratory of Text - it’s a kind of literary training run by a specialist in Polish studies - Agnieszka Sieńkowska. The members write about their involvement in training: “We know that a word has great power. Especially a written word so we understand that it has to be used responsibly. We learn responsibility by experimenting in the Laboratory of Text”. Young people meet regularly and learn how to use words and describe reality. They prepare texts about actual issues concerning local matters. The want to affect the environment, react on what is happening around them. Their texts are journalistic and literally samples, sometimes with mistakes and sometimes written not seriously. Young people can play with different genres, conversations and styles. They explore pure pleasure of writing and they want to share it with their readers. The texts written by the members will be published on the website of “Hutnik”.

The Art Group - the classes are run for different age groups in the art room and sometimes in open air. The best pieces of work are presented on exhibitions in WOK. Among wide range of art classes young people can also visit art galleries and museums and watch films about art. The Group also organizes art competitions of wide, territorial range. In 2006 “The Mazovian Landscape” involved 11 counties of the Northern Mazowsze in 2007- the competition “In the valley of the Bug” involved 12 counties situated by the river Bug. The classes are run by an art instructor Irena Filipowicz and student of Art Academy- Joanna Paprocka.

The Stained Glass Workshops by Tiffany’s Method are for adults. The group has been meeting for two years. In July 2008 there was an exhibition of their work. The class are run by Lidia Kostrzyńska-Mierzwa.

The Music Centre - it’s (according to the Ministry of Culture and Art) the lowest level establishment belonging to the System of Artistic Education Establishments. The main aims of the Centre are: upbringing its listeners students as sensitive art receivers, preparing them for taking part in artistic amateur movement and preparing particularly talented students for academic education.
Depending an age students can learn in children section (6-year studies) and youth section (4-year studies). The Centre has been teaching since the beginning of “Hutnik”. It’s in meritorial care of Ostrołęckie Art Society named for Grażyna Bacewiczówna. Students can learn how to play the grand piano, the acordeon, the keyboard, the violin and the classical guitar. The students give concerts for their families, friends and other audience twice a year. The classes are run by: Mirosław Polak, Stanisław Sawicki, Tomasz Drążewski, Mirosław Topolewski, Artur Miernicki, Ludwik Radek and Wojciech Pakieła.

The Foreign Language Courses for different age groups with different level of knowledge. Classes can be a kind of tuition lessons or developing your skills in order to become a fluent speaker. The English language courses is conductet by Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk at the moment.

The Nature-Tourist Club “The Forest School”. An excellent organizer and nature lover Jerzy Sitek takes care of attractions such as: hiking, bike, canoeing trips, sailing voyage is done. Everybody can be a member. Thank to “The Forest School” young people discover the beauty of Wyszków Country, learn its history and try to save our environment. “The Forest School” is ready to take care of organized groups e.g. schools and show them around. These members who are eager to take part regularly can gain a Touristic Badge of Wyszków.

The Senior Club. “Hutnik” is open not only for youth and children but also for older people. The club “Our Smile” has existed since foundation of “Hutnik”. Not so long ago it turned out that there are seniors who are mainly interested in artistic activity - the Senior Club “Heather”. The senior women often give concerts. They regularly give performances in Pułtusk, Węgrów, Sokołów Podlaski and in Wyszków. They sing patriotic, folk and merry-making songs to the accompaniment of acordeon or the band of Stanisław Kadłubowski.

"Exercise With Us". It’s a promotion of active life: outdoor activities, hiking and bike trips both for children and adults and the school without habits. There are also meetings for adults concerning the healthy way of eating “I Know What I Eat” run by Teresa Krzymowska.

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